Stephen Fox and Geva Patz founded the firm as a 50:50 partnership in November 2007. Both are heavily vested in the firm’s ongoing success and work full time in running the business.

Stephen Fox, CFA is primarily responsible for the day-to-day operations of Android Alpha. In addition, he focuses on identifying and optimizing new trading strategies. He holds an MBA and PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a BS from Carnegie Mellon. He holds a NASAA Series 65 registration. Prior to Android Alpha, Steve spent several years in process design, supply chain and network optimization, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Geva Patz is primarily responsible for the technology and development aspects of Android Alpha. He holds an MS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where his research focused on using high performance cluster computing to model quantum computation (a computing problem that makes handling real time options market data look trivial by comparison). Prior to Android Alpha, Geva cofounded two profitable technology startup ventures and has over ten years’ experience as a consultant on complex computing and networking issues to large corporations, government agencies and multinationals on four continents.